Monday, March 8, 2010

Kitchen Pegboard

This weekend we installed a pegboard above our kitchen to utilize the two inches of unused space in our apartment.

i love how grace's pegboard matches the color of her wall

the two tone pegboard in julia child's kitchen helped the chef remember where to put things!

the haystack has even less room than we do!

grace's before pegboard matched the color of her pots (her after is the first pic)

this link via cayennecarob is my favorite for a couple reasons:

1.  their kitchen is the same size as ours
2.  i like the color of their pegboard (but painted mine sky blue... should have painted it teal! doh!)
3.  the prints are to die for- anyone know where to get them?
4.  the funny clock

Check out these links for more pegboard inspiration!

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