Sunday, February 28, 2010

knitted pouf

i was re-reading my sad post a few posts back and i was thinking that this blog really is a place for me to see the things that i think make me happy.  then i zoomed in on the pouf and thought, wow, i really love those knitted poufs.  a little research told me that that very same pouf, called the flocks pouf, cost $1400. designer christien miendertsma makes them out of new zealand sheep wool. i love how thick the yarn is.

the medium one is on sale for $800

UM, WHAT? that's a lot of money for a pouf.

for all of you knitters out there who have already knit your friends as many hats and mittens as they would ever want (i even made myself a pretty nifty poncho), we need to start making ourselves some knitted poufs because that is no small piece of change!  

kidding aside, this could be a fun diy project.  

image and diy instructions via apartment therapy

i read on shelterpop that you would need 18 balls of yarn with 13 point needles.  that is no chump change either.  i think it would look great on big needles in a darker gray color.

interior above by Jessica Helgerson

my question is how do you stuff these poufs? and which type of yarn would hold up the best?

livingroom after

here is my new rug.  i got it for only $85!
i changed a lot of art around - do you like it?
bubba is probably in most shots which is very rude.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

bathroom makeover

image via 20something
my bathroom is under a major re-do inspired by jenna lyon's madison j-crew bathroom above.  i painted my bathroom in yellow stripes, but am keeping all the other inspirations.

first, i am getting a ruffled shower curtain

the one on the left is from target and is only $25!

these towels will look great together, from bed bath and beyond and pottery barn teen

the dot towels will look great in yellow and black.

since we have no storage space in the bathroom, i purchased a huge shelf from west elm yesterday.  normally the shelf is over $120, but it was on sale for $15!

on the shelf, we will put the towels using the container store's shelf organizers.  anything else that needs to be stored will be stored in these boxes

and last but not least is the jonathan adler doll jar! i have the dolls one but i think the rest would really fit... don't you?

is anyone out there?

according to my blogger dashboard, zero people have looked at my blog.  this makes me sad, so i'm looking at beautiful sad-ish looking spaces.  but, then i remember that xoxo decorate with love is a great place for me to see all the things that make me happy, and even though these images are a little bit dreary, they still inspire me.  

Monday, February 22, 2010

i love art.  i have always loved art, even according to my mom since i was practically an infant. i could happily sit and look at art for hours which is probably why my home is filled and filled with art.  i love my job, everyone who knows me professionally knows how fulfilling it is.  but, it's nothing like art.

so, when i found  Line Juhl Hansen on decor8 ,  i re-read the post, searched for hansen online and am desperate to see her work in person.  line, i love your work!

thank you to decor8 and line juhl hansen for putting a little sparkle into my evening after a long day!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

affordable art- lisa golightly

i first came across lisa golightly's kiki and polly shop on caitlin creer's blog and they are so charming. now, i have so many new paintings i want to get. problem is, no money. here's dreaming!


Sunday, February 14, 2010

inspired by- valentines day

in the spirit of valentines day, and the gorgeous pictures from the last post, i thought i would put together a dream living room. first i would start with this couch from room and board the rug below is from rug depot, where i got my rug

use two of these garden stools as a coffee table to lighten the mood

buy these weinrib knockoffs and get several

upholster your two side chairs in this fabric

hang this poster above your couch

style your coffee table with this book and tons of pink flowers

get roman shades in this fabric from calico corners

accessorize with white objects and furniture- don't overload on pink

happy valentines day

Saturday, February 13, 2010

decorate with nelson pendant light

i must have this light. mike, if you are reading my blog, please someday by us this light. it's totally unaffordable, but since you sometimes buy lottery tickets, if we do win, this should be our light.