Thursday, March 18, 2010

inspired by- beautiful things

i could look at this cover for hours.  i love the dark walls, the chevron print, the ticking stripe sofa, the lilac ikat cushion, the brass accessories, the way it looks super expensive but also pretty easy to copy cat... i love it and hope to someday have a library or living room just like it!
normally i'm not into the whole country look, until i saw this photo and this gorgeous print.  who made it?
again, not my style necessarily, but i love how open and airy it is.  maybe it should be my style?
this is such a modern way to include children within your home decor

my second favorite room is this room because of the gallery art, that amazing chair, the cool lamp, and the green hoop plant.  it's not girly, but it's hot.
this is for all the kipp folks out there!
i love this photo, too for the same reasons i love my first and second favorite photos.  and who can't resist a tutu lamp?

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