Monday, March 22, 2010

how to decorate a bachelor pad with art

this post is going to be a lot of fun!  i broke it down into five categories:

- entryway
- living room
- bedroom
- kitchen
- hallway

within each category, i tried to make a couple options that range in $ to $$.

when i think of bachelor pad, i think of brown furniture and white walls.  so, all of the art is inspired by that color palette!

the entryway

the purpose of the entry way is to store your keys, wallet, and organize your mail by bills and personal letters.  entry ways can get cluttered really fast, so before you put up any art on your wall, make sure you have a system for keeping it tidy! (i made some suggestions on the bottom)

your entry way might be right next to your door, a hallway before your living room, or in our case, a small table.  i think that this small area deserves a BIG piece of art! this is also a great place to put some color!


frame it with a brown frame.  put a small potted plant underneath it.  buy this tray to store your keys and wallet.

total cost for entryway makeover: about $100

living room
i think that it's important to have a gallery wall in the living room.  they should all stick in the same color palette, and be clustered above the couch.

images above from domino magazine

here's where i would start:


the above images are all small, so you need to balance them out with different sizes


$10 (this one is a very small print)


all prints should be framed in either brown or black frames.  mix the types of frames up.  use the inspiration photos on top to help you determine how to cluster them.  no way is the right way, but make sure that you mix up the sizes.  i think that all of the images go nicely together, not only because they are the same colors, but they have a masculine vibe with a sense of humor.  

total price: about $255, not including framing.  for frames, i would recommend going on ebay.  if the frames aren't brown or black, spray paint them! it looks good.  or, you can get the professionally framed.


in the bedroom i would keep it simple, and get two letterpressed band posters that are the same size and put them above your bed.  note, that i said letterpressed! do not put band posters above your bed otherwise you will look like you are still in high school.  or, if you are political, see the images i also included.

here are a few links to purchase concert posters (from apartment therapy)

Hammerpress (letterpress)

mount these posters on foam board for a cost saving solution.

it's important to have art in the kitchen, but you don't need a lot.  i like it when they are food themed.  buy a few and line them up on the wall in the same type of frame.  here are a few of my favorites for a bachelor's apartment:


$175 (i love this one!)
it's really large, so it would be suitable all by itself

or, you could do a bacon theme


(this one is my favorite)

you must put art up in the hallway!  you must! i think a small vintage oil collection would be a nice way to incorporate some color.  get them on ebay.  here are some that i am liking right now:

this picture is right now only $6 

i love this

right now it's only $19 

here are a list of resources:

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