Sunday, March 28, 2010

starting a home makeover

above is the inspiration photo from blueprint magazine

1.  start by finding the place for your bed, then creating the easiest headboard.  hang a piece of fabric or tapestry on a rod above the bed.  don't forget that pillows add height, so don't hang too low.

hannah, i remember that you used to have a beautiful tapestry in the rust color family so i'm assuming that's the type of colors you love!  hang that tapestry above your bed.

2.  bedding:   the quilt that you loved from west elm is on sale!!! get it while it lasts and put it over the bed like in the inspiration photo

3.  most decorators say that your bedside tables should match. 

this little one is from ikea.  i'll go with you!

decorators say that you have to pair table lamps, too.  good thing ikea has a ton of those!

4.  and then arrange some art on a shelf over your tapestry from what you have, and try to collect art in the same color scheme as your room

available here

via home and garden

check out this link to get started on inspirations for a home makeover

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