Saturday, March 6, 2010

saffron marigold

yesterday our ruffled shower curtain from target arrived in the mail.  it's surprisingly sheer... not like the anthropologie curtain that is $100 more expensive.  at first i was disappointed that it wasn't identical to its opaque counterpart, but now i'm digging it.  today, i'm off to get the rest of the towels and a gorgeous fern (has spring hit nyc?) and then the bathroom will be complete.

i am loving these shower curtains from saffron marigold.  our bedspread is from the same company, and i love the handblocked printing at a fraction of the price of the designers out there making similar fabrics.

these prints would be too much for our bathroom, which already has the yellow stripes and line drawings... but, i think they would look great in a simple country style bathroom.

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