Sunday, March 21, 2010

apartment cure- new things

somehow the apartment cure on apartment therapy convinced me that i can indulge in little things to make my apartment happier.  this is not exactly in our budget, but if therapy tells me i need to... then i need to, right?

here are the new things that i bought this weekend that will make our apartment happier:

from anthropologie

kuhn aqua paring knife

polish immigrant portrait from etsy (it was so cheap!)

there is still a long list of things to do which is overwhelming :-(.   i better get started!

1.  Replace towels 

1. Fix ribbon on lampshades
2. Print and frame NY library navy flower print 
3. Buy hamper


1. Edit mugs
2. Find an organizer for plates
3. Edit magazines on refrigerator

1. Get custom headboard made

i also rearranged all the furniture this weekend, and edited the bookcase.  now, all the books are either cream, sea glass green or aqua.  it's hot.  i temporarily lost my camera battery so i can't take photos which is a bummer.  remember before how it looked wrong?

now it looks right!

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