Sunday, March 6, 2011

Saturday, October 16, 2010

moving abroad

has anyone ever moved abroad and set up a temporary home? i don't want to bring any furniture, and i don't want to spend a lot of money.  but, i also don't want to live in a bachelor's pad...

in my moving to australia post i found some pretty standard ikea furniture. 

but, these ikea pieces (which are not super cheap in australia btw) need a little inspiration

via full house 
i love the gray walls and teal accessories.  i can't bring any of my artwork to australia, but i do have one of the prints seen below not yet framed- that is definitely mailable!

kips bay showroom via habitually chic

i got the lithograph on a steal via the onekingslane website.  hung over an australian table (similar to the one in the inspiration picture), it might bring some life to the room.

i also would need to do some art on the cheap.  i could copy one of peter dunham's works but in a dark navy or steel color

then, i could bring my billowy steel gray curtains inspired by below... maybe then it won't look like a temporary home after all.  one room down, several more to go!

Monday, October 11, 2010

inspired by

i wish my apartment could get a makeover every season like my wardrobe.  next time we do a home makeover (maybe soon when we move to australia?) we will get neutral pieces so we can change our accents.  below are some of my favorite fall living spaces inspired by some of my favorite fall fashions.

marc jacobs

i love little green notebook's makeover of a cup of jo's manhattan apartment

i can't wait until we have more space. 
via desire to inspire
don't you love the touches of plum?

via everything leb

loving the weinrib rug
via flourish design+ style

keith johnson's apartment- we are going to turkey in november and will be shopping the bazaar just like keith!

don't you love the screen?

via little green notebook

via lonny

nathan turner

todd romano

Sunday, October 10, 2010

slim aarons

high on my wishlist right now is a photo by slim aarons. 

loved "penthouse pool" in the latest lonny

Saturday, September 25, 2010


congratulations to misha and vicki!

new mommy and daddy.  i hope everyone is sleeping and daydreaming together.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Moving to Australia

i'm back from australia, and while i'm no where near 100% set on moving there, of course i've already started planning what our home would look like.  it's super tricky since we wouldn't be able to bring much (especially anything with a plug) so starting from scratch with a limited budget is DAUNTING.  thank goodness, for aussi ikea.

here's what i was thinking for our aussi ikea livingroom:
dog vase from raw space in melbourne

of course, some of my favorite things will need to go in the suitcase

getting my art to australia is going to be tricky.  i don't want the glass to break.  i'm inspired by this park avenue apartment in this month's house beautiful.  with some crayons, newsprint and large ikea frames, i could do something similar.  my recent trip to moorea has inspired me to do huge outlines of octopus drawings.  six to eight closely hung drawings like the image below would be a cheap alternative and still make a big statement.

there are many design stores in melbourne, and i'm excited to post about them soon.  in the meantime, has anyone ever moved abroad? any tips?

Monday, July 26, 2010

should i move to brooklyn?

i'm going through a serious period of indecision... namely, where should we go when the lease is up? brooklyn? riverdale? australia? the north shore?

options are always good, but i love a plan and to be a little wanderlust has been confusing.

below are some more inspirational pics representing new places for me.




okay, this is really only the upper east side, which i don't want to move to- but i love the pic!

north shore

brooklyn again (it's been on my mind this week... i can see myself moving back there)