Sunday, March 7, 2010

bathroom makeover

do you remember when i started planning my bathroom makeover? i'm still waiting for a few of the towels to arrive, but i wanted to show you what it looks like!
the new target ruffle curtain!

my little tiny jonathan adler jar... which holds nothing!

this west elm shelf might have saved our lives.  it cost only $15 (even though it was supposed to be $130?) and now we can store a ton of stuff in the black and white boxes.  if you open the cabinet under our sink which used to look like a hot holy mess, now all you see are more of those black and white boxes! so much better.

i spray painted the frames so they would all match.  the image on top was mike's valentine's day present. it's not hugo guinness, but it's close!

since there is no room for my makeup anywhere, i need to keep it out in the open.  so i bought this train case (there are two of them side by side).  i think they are cute!

it's hard to take a 'whole bathroom' shot because it's so small.  i'll do my best later, but if you have ever visited our apartment, i hope you like the new look!

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