Monday, March 1, 2010

nursery makeover

i am a thirty year old woman who works 80 hour weeks in a school in harlem.  three lovely ladies at my work are now pregnant and planning nurseries.  while mike and i certainly couldn't fit a nursery into our teensy weensy apartment, these three pregnancies have gotten me thinking... could we ever fit a nursery into our lives?

planning for a nursery is a lot easier than planning for a child.  while i'm not a mother, i work in a middle school.  so, i certainly know how hard being a parent is!

image via designdazzle

if i were to have a nursery, it would look like these images:

images via domino

image via style carrot (i like #4 and #6)

image via domino

or, you could use grown up rooms to inspire a nursery
how cute would a light turquoise wall, bright red crib, graphic black and white rug, and crisp linens look in a nursery? with a little bit of cool animal art, it would be a lot of fun.

this would be a great bohemian nursery.  i love the carpet.  if all the tables and bedding were white (with a very clean baby), you could get some great eclectic pillow-y things.   then a great big perfect hugo guinness drawing!

i think this would be my favorite.  normally i don't go for pink, and while this might over do it, i love it.  another great graphic rug.  red furniture (even though some folks say that might make an angry baby...) and a very cool yellow graphic poster.  beautiful billow-y matching curtains.

another boho baby.  this baby room is probably easier to clean, but tan bedding might be a little, tan.  does anyone know of great nursery bedding in a light brown color that you could razzle-dazzle with some great colorful pillows and art?

but, then i always die for red and aqua (which were our wedding colors)

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