Sunday, January 31, 2010

living room makeover- part two

first i moved my paris review lithograph above the bar, and moved my grandma's lamp to keep it simpler. notice my books!!

i then moved the other paris review on the other side of the curtain. now the set is together.

i moved my mark kostabi painting near the door (my furniture doesn't really match it, so it's definitely a statement) and tried to make the table near the front door (my great-grandmother's) more inviting. this still needs a ton of work.

here's the new artichoke that mike bought me while i was re-decorating. the letterpress print of the two dolls were for our 30th birthday. the carzou poster was my mom's, and the calendars are the best find i got at a garage sale- each of the set of 12 are amazing.

i took down the giraffe. i'm sad about it, but i think that this looks more grown up. my grandma gave me these lamps. my friend zoe painted the girl. the mirror comes from seattle's train station.

here are mike and bubba checking out the new digs. bubba keeps putting his toys in the shot.


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