Sunday, January 24, 2010

affordable art- take the risk?

this weekend, i was inspired by daily candy's suggestion to go out and see some galleries, particularly the sloan fine art gallery in the lower east side. i was intrigued that there was an artist making pictures out of 70's slides, because one of my favorite artists (more later) does the same.

i know that i need to be edgy... but the blood spot is too edgy for me. could you make it work in your home?

well, you get the picture. but i'm on a mission to get some new art for my bedroom. the blogs have been writing a lot about moomah and i spotted a great page on the scoop about moomah (a children's cafe in tribeca)owned by jon stewart's wife, tracey stewart.

i am drooling over this print to hang near our new curtains

i think it's going to work better than the murder scene. but, sometimes i think i might be choosing art that's too childish. what do you think? below are pictures from my favorite new artist from portland- jackie avery. i saw jackie's paintings for the first time in the secret society. i went home and bought two aviation and eddy merclx . check out the latter in my first post (it's a picture of italian bicyclists).

off to moomah and thanks to the scoop for a great post!


images via sloan gallery and moomah

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