Wednesday, February 10, 2010

diningroom makeover

i'm dreaming of a dining room when we move into our dream house... these images make me happy

when i look at the images i chose it's hard to tell what they have in common. why do i like these and hate so many others? how can i make sure that my dream home is dreamy like these pictures?

1. it looks like i prefer light gray for the wall color

2. chairs must be patterned. i love my current chairs that are covered in nani iro. maybe i should make a mixed set and have my two chairs and then two more in a different pattern?

new pattern above

my current chair pattern

3. light and airy is key

4. i like florals

5. i need to play around with height. maybe something hanging or art hung super high or super low

6. i need a lot of white in the dining room

these ikea chairs might be fun (but only if i have a table seating of 6 or more)

this looks so crowded... ugh. maybe 6 chairs is too many? the painting is hot, though

we have chairs like this at school that were donated. i could possibly convince them to let me have a couple

this is mike's favorite. we might have to go knoll reproduction though. i want my dining room table to be floating in the middle of our dream living room, not crowded in the corner like it is now

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