Monday, January 25, 2010

affordable art- laura zindel

images via zindel's website

okay, so on first glance you are thinking that this isn't art.  it's pottery and it's not budget friendly.  but, if you look at these pieces as art rather than plates, you could put together a very cool, slightly weird, plate wall.

while her spider plates really freak me out and i can't even show the images, the rest of laura zindel's work is really unique.

check out apartment therapy's post here on how they were inspired by zindel's ceramics

designsponge also showed zindel's home which shows how you can showcase her plates as art as seen below

image via design sponge

is this art pretty or pretty creepy? could you pull it off? i think we could as long as the spiders didn't get near our apartment.


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