Monday, January 25, 2010

decorate with - dala horse

yesterday when we were in just scandinavian after a failed attempt to go to moomah, we saw a cute dala horse being sold that would look great on a bookshelf, coffee table or even kitchen counter. i think that the red would really pop against an all white background.  they were $42 at just scandinavian, but can be purchased affordably on ebay.

the image reminded me of our dutch door press christmas cards that we ordered in bulk this year.  aren't they cute?

and then, my friend tom said that his mom collects dala horses.  while i may not fill my cabinet with dala horses, it got me thinking... where else could dala horses pop up in design?

this fabric, from the japanese company kokka, would look great as a pillow or in a children's nursery.  i love the basket of flowers on the print.

roadside america found this enormous dala horse in north dakota.  while not interior design, i think there could could be some really cool family portraits that you could display with this cool guy in the background.

i think our christmas cards might be enough for our tribute to dala, but this ebay dala item might be a find and check out this cute tray below

i have to admit, the white dala horses are pretty cute.  would you decorate with dala horses?


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