Wednesday, February 10, 2010

dining room makeover part 2 - my plan

now that i can plan for my dream house, even though it's two years away, i'm excited to put some things together.  based on the inspirations from my last post, i think i will go with the following:

i love my current dining chairs, but i would love to get two more in the above shape in this nani iro fabric (not the fabric seen above)

i can't decide between a round or long rectangular table.  but, i want it to be able to seat lots of folks, so maybe it will need to be above.  it looks a little cheap, so maybe i can find a better option.

i love the gray on the walls of this room.  i would want to steal the same gray color.

then, on the walls, two shawn dulaney paintings.  i love her (and i used to work for her).  how amazing would it be to have a dining room covered in these paintings?

do i save for the art or the down payment? hopefully i can do both in the next two years.  here's hoping!

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