Sunday, February 28, 2010

knitted pouf

i was re-reading my sad post a few posts back and i was thinking that this blog really is a place for me to see the things that i think make me happy.  then i zoomed in on the pouf and thought, wow, i really love those knitted poufs.  a little research told me that that very same pouf, called the flocks pouf, cost $1400. designer christien miendertsma makes them out of new zealand sheep wool. i love how thick the yarn is.

the medium one is on sale for $800

UM, WHAT? that's a lot of money for a pouf.

for all of you knitters out there who have already knit your friends as many hats and mittens as they would ever want (i even made myself a pretty nifty poncho), we need to start making ourselves some knitted poufs because that is no small piece of change!  

kidding aside, this could be a fun diy project.  

image and diy instructions via apartment therapy

i read on shelterpop that you would need 18 balls of yarn with 13 point needles.  that is no chump change either.  i think it would look great on big needles in a darker gray color.

interior above by Jessica Helgerson

my question is how do you stuff these poufs? and which type of yarn would hold up the best?

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