Monday, July 26, 2010

should i move to brooklyn?

i'm going through a serious period of indecision... namely, where should we go when the lease is up? brooklyn? riverdale? australia? the north shore?

options are always good, but i love a plan and to be a little wanderlust has been confusing.

below are some more inspirational pics representing new places for me.




okay, this is really only the upper east side, which i don't want to move to- but i love the pic!

north shore

brooklyn again (it's been on my mind this week... i can see myself moving back there)


  1. brooklyn is so tempting in more ways than one! i often think about relocating from the UES to bklyn, but it's just so far from where I work! :) ...but that would give you another place to decorate!! :)


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