Sunday, June 27, 2010

krista ewart

i love krista ewart and i especially love that she doesn't follow the 80/20 color rule.  go for it! she was our bedroom inspiration back in the day (see the zigzag rug?) and somehow i went astray.  it would be so much easier to do our bedroom all at once instead of building bits and pieces... krista is leading me back to my original ideas.

this picture is amazing for the obvious reason- but the bed, wallpaper and curtain in the background make it so much better!

this room looks so expensive... i wonder if it would be possible to mimic it on a budget? probably would need a different table, then!

those large ceramic dogs pop up in a lot of her rooms

i'm bidding on a very similar elephant vase on ebay right now... it's only $10!

the bedroom...

i love how krista uses pinks and blues

this nursery is definitely easy to redo ourselves... nothing a little red paint can't fix.

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    here is a similar ottoman


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