Saturday, May 15, 2010

today will be an epic day

i've had a stressful week, so today is going to be an amazing day!

1.  first, i'm going to go sunbathe on my roof

2. then, if i don't get my haircut, i might do it myself

3.  then, i'm super excited for z's wedding so i need to get the final touches. i need to decide between two different belts.  then i want a statement necklace and high shoes. 

all from anthropologie

miss sixty available on piperlime

4.  then, i'm going to get a bike!

via travel and leisure

i just want to thank the federal government who sent me my refund check yesterday.  or, epic day would have been less epic!  (if anyone has bike advice, i need it... i want a cruiser and something very, very simple.

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  1. did you get your hair cut or do it yourself??


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