Monday, April 5, 2010

new apartment photos

i dropped my camera battery behind our stove, so sadly i haven't had a camera for a month.  today, i decided enough was enough and i climbed on top of the stove with a very clever tool.  i took a shower curtain rod and taped a soup ladle to the end.  then, i covered the ladle in tape for extra sticky power.  with some twists and turns i was able to maneuver my stick down into the caverns, and out came my camera battery!

here is the new rhino head from senegal.  the newspaper print is in french.

we love having these spider mums in our house, and they last almost two weeks.

our new knife rack saves us a lot of space, and the fancy paper makeover only took a couple minutes.

i edited the bookcase, so now the only books on display are in the same blues and greens.

i'm sorry that this picture is so dark!

we just took bubba on a long walk

our new chair!

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